Our Sustainability Approach

  • Build For the Long Term - Build durable, efficient homes and structures that support community
  • Build For Future Generations - Make their homes healthy and communities environmentally sustainable
  • Build For the Environment - Use our resources intelligently

Why Sustainability Matters

Sustainable building means improving our design, construction, and landscaping practices so that the homes and structures we build or remodel today will last longer, cost less to live in, and will not harm our health. It also means protecting our rapidly depleting resources, and improving the man made environment so that people, communities and ecosystems can coexist in a symbiotic manner.


With the current economic pressures we are all under with regards to time and budgets, many people do not realize the value of sustainable design. We are experiencing a shift in homeowners and building professionals in a direction away from old models of construction towards better building practices that are better for business as well. Architects that follow the old paradigm of “building as usual” may one day find themselves at a competitive disadvantage as regulatory and market driven forces shift the built environment toward a more holistic and comprehensive design approach.


We intend to design homes so they are unique as well as durable, healthier for their occupants, and less wasteful of energy, water, and other essential resources. By achieving these goals, we make our clients homes more affordable; with lower utility bills and operating/maintenance costs. As informed practitioners today, we are helping to safeguard the well-being and prosperity of our clients now and for decades to come.